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Dear Noble Sirs,

Last week at Imperial Session, we saw the unveiling of new Imperial Potentate Jeff Sowder’s “Just One” campaign to increase Shriner membership. A simple but powerful idea drives this initiative: If every current Shriner commits to recruiting or restoring “just one” noble to his temple, the ranks of our brotherhood will swell tremendously. In order to build enthusiasm for the Just One initiative and keep it going, we are instituting a multi-level program for recognizing and rewarding top-line signers in the creation/restoration process for their successful efforts bringing in new members or restoring suspended members. These are:

Level 1 – Upon creation or restoration of one member, the top-line signer will receive a postcard and Just One pin from Imperial Potentate Jeff Sowder.

Level 2 – Upon bringing in two members, the top-line signer will be listed in the Shriner Magazine.

Level 3 – With three new creations or restorations, the top-line signer will receive a certificate of appreciation and a letter of commendation from Imperial Sir Sowder.

Level 4 – After five creations or restorations, the top-line signer will receive a personal phone call from the Imperial Potentate.

Level 5 – Top-line signers responsible for 10 additional Shriner brothers will receive a special invitation to attend a Just One VIP reception with the Imperial Divan at the 2020 Imperial Session.

Fraternally yours,

Shriners International Membership Team
Tampa, Florida


Imperial Parade - 2019

L to R:  Horse Patrol Captain Allan Harper, Teeny Jones PP, Horse Patrol Tyler Harper, Chief Rabban Buddy Brown, Ill. Sir Carl Smith, Asst. Rabban Coble Wilson III, Stacey Pugh PP and Horse Patrol Ed Allen



Reservations for the SASA Hotel Headquarters are available now:

DoubleTree Resort by Hilton – 3200 S. Ocean Blvd., Myrtle Beach, SC  29577 

September 20-21, 2019

Call:  Telephone # 855-778-1190

Code:  SUS

or call Melissa Durham - Direct 843-315-7196

You may have to leave a message.

As of July 12 - there were 18 rooms available.

Price is $124 + $13.99 Resort Fee - this does not include 12% tax.

Rooms are first come, first served.


Touchstone Energy Open Golf Tournament

August 2, 3 & 4, 2019

Oak Island Golf Club

Hosted by:  Shriners of Brunswick County

Sponsorship Form (click)


Hey Yall Look !!!  


 Just wanted to remind youens the Hillbilly Reunion is scheduled for Saturday July 27. The reunion will take place at purday Lake Wacccamaw. The address is 2012 Bella Coole Rd Leke Waccamaw N.C. 28450. We plan to get started at bot 9:00. All Shrine Hillbillies are welcome and you Hillbilly wanta bes are welcome to. We plan to conduct the initial Hillbilly Degree, Hillbilly Gal Degree and Master Hillbilly Degrees. If you don't like to have fun, stay away. For more information contact Bob Gunter 910-754- 7388 or  Yall come see us!

South Port Parade
 Any Shriner participating in the South Port July 4 Parade is invited to stop by Dale Mcphenson house prior to the Parade. The address is 108 Rhett Street (just off Moore St.). For the past few years Dale has invited Shriners participating in the Parade to stop by his house for Sausage roll-ups. This stop has become a tradition and a great time for Fellowship. A donation will be excepted.


Vanceboro Farm Life Elementary School Supports SHC

Vanceboro Farm Life Elementary School fourth and fifth grade students
donated funds from their snack cart money to Shriners Hospitals to Children. A check for $453.50 was presented to Noble Tony Arrington of Vanceboro.


Lady Janet's Charm / Bracelet

Net proceeds will be donated to Sudan Shriners - Children's Camp Fund


Shriner driver logs 2,900 hours to connect kids to health care

Winford 'Wink' Dillard also helps build wheelchairs for children in need

Wink working on a wheelchair

Nineteen years ago, Winford “Wink” H. Dillard became a member of Sudan Shriners in New Bern, North Carolina. Over the years, he has helped Shriners Hospitals for Children fulfill its mission, to care for children with orthopaedic conditions regardless of their families’ ability to pay.

Wink credits his son-in-law, Patrick, with inspiring him to become a Shriner. Patrick was a Shriner and loved telling others about the health care system's mission. Patrick often took part in parades to raise awareness. During one such parade, Patrick planned to drive a miniature prowler, a small sports car. However, Patrick had no way to transport the parade vehicle. Throughout that day, Patrick had been telling Wink about the high-quality care patients received at Shriners Hospitals for Children — Greenville. So Dillard offered the use of his car trailer to haul the 24-foot vehicle. After Dillard helped transport vehicles for three more parades, several Shriners invited him to become part of the organization. Shortly after, Dillard began taking the steps to become a Shriner.

When asked what attracted him to join the fraternity, Dillard mentions a shared sense of commitment to philanthropy.

“We have similar viewpoints on life, all of us are committed to helping others,” he said. "The Shriners are a great group of guys.” When he later moved to Florida, Dillard continued to help Shriners Hospitals for Children at the Tampa Shriners Hospital.

In 2004, Dillard became an associate member of the Egypt Shriners in Tampa, Florida. In 2008, Dillard started volunteering as a driver at Shriners Hospitals for Children — Tampa. Today, he has logged an impressive 2,900 hours and 50,000 miles as a volunteer. That’s a little more than two trips around the equator. Year after year, Dillard drives patients and their families from their homes to the Tampa Shriners Hospital and back again, ensuring that children have access to the highest quality of care.

“Polk County has lots of migrants and poor people who have special needs children. They do not have a way to get to [the hospital] and receive care without us,” Dillard said. Thanks to Dillard’s dedication, patients experience less discomfort and achieve improved mobility. This allows the kids to become more independent and participate more fully in school, church and family activities. Today, Dillard coordinates all Shriners transportation for Polk County patients.

In 2013, Dillard was recognized as the hospital’s Male Volunteer of the Year. Routinely going the extra mile to support the Tampa Shriners Hospital, Dillard exemplifies what it means to be a great Shriner. After transporting patients, Dillard must wait for them to receive care before he can drive the children and families home. A retired mechanical engineer with a degree from Virginia Tech, Dillard uses the down time to assist the hospital’s seating department, where staff members create customized wheelchairs for needy children.

“Kids have different body shapes, so that traditional wheelchairs will not work for them,” said Dillard, who spent his career designing airplanes, airplane engines and mining equipment. “It is very rewarding to see the smiles on the kids' faces when they get their new wheelchair.”

Dillard treasures his memories of interacting with patients during the drives to and from the hospital. He also enjoys seeing their progress through rehabilitation and recovery. For example, a young boy named Angel was missing both legs and one arm. When the 2-year-old arrived, his mother carried him everywhere. “One of the biggest thrills I have had was meeting up with Angel after he was fitted with prosthetics and was learning to walk down the halls of our hospital,” Dillard recalled.

Dillard’s daughter, Wanda McKirahan, shares her father’s and late husband’s desire to help Shriners kids. She began volunteering at the Tampa Shriners Hospital earlier this year in the seating, and marketing and communications departments.

“My dad loves the kids," she said. "He goes above and beyond to ensure that they are taken care of.”




L to R:  2nd Ceremonial Master Tom Ferrell, Illustrious Sir Carl Smith, 1st Ceremonial Master Randy Simpson, Noble Allen Cauley; Outer Guard Larry Barnes, and Recorder George Raecher


Noble Allen Cauley, from the Lenoir County Shrine Club was presented his Shriners International, 25 Year Service Award at the May 2019 General Meeting.  Approximately 65 nobles, ladies, and guests gathered for a great meal and fellowship.  The presentation was made by Noble Randy Simpson with the letter being read and presented by Illustrious Sir Carl Smith.  Congratulations to Noble Cauley for his outstanding dedication to his club, unit, Sudan Shriners and the Shriners Hospitals for Children.



L to Rt: 1st Ceremonial Master Randy Simpson, High Priest & Prophet Cleve Woolard, Nobles Willard L. Watson, Albert W. Brinson Jr., and Ernest R. Brite, Illustrious Sir Carl W Smith and Recorder George Raecher



Noble Iredell C. Wyatt III (Center) is shown with his certificate.



One Hundred and seventy-five years of dedication and service to our fraternity and the Shriners Hospitals for Children was recognized at the May meeting of the New Bern Shrine Club on May 10, 2019.  The three nobles in the top photo received their 50 year awards and Noble Wyatt receiving his 25 year award in the second photo.  Eighty nobles, their ladies, guests and Divan members gathered for this special evening.  As usual, a great meal was served.  The pins were presented to each recipient by Noble Randy Simpson with our Sudan Potentate reading and presenting the accompanying letters from Shriners International and Sudan.  He then presented each with his Potentate’s pin for 2019.  Each recipient provided some of their highlights as a member during their many years of service and dedication.  Congrats to all!


Pamlico County Shrine Club – Volunteer  

Pamlico County Shrine Club had a joint hospital fish fry with New Bern Shrine Club.  They had help from Kaylin Tanner, 18 years old and a senior at Pamlico County High School in Bayboro, NC.  She will be attending Pamlico County Community College after graduating to study welding.  Kaylin has volunteered on numerous occasions at the Pamlico County Shrine Club as well as the past couple of years at the children’s Christmas party at New Bern Shrine Club.

She has scoliosis and continues to go to Shriners Hospitals for Children – Greenville every year for her check up.   Kaylin loves working with older people and loves Shriners, for not only for what they’ve done for her but she is the niece of several Shriners.  She worked all day, April 26 at the Pamlico County site in Grantsboro.  This young lady is a great example for our younger generation - a shrine child, helping Shriners help our children.


The Sudan Pirates at the Chadbourn Strawberry Festival

Top row left to right
Kinly Williamson, Kenny Britt, Mickey Williamson, Brent Barfield, Billy Bass, Randall Canady

Bottom row left to right
Jimmy Prevatte, David Cook, Trey Elam, Matt Rogers, Brandon Prevatte


New Bern Shrine Club gets a “Shriner Bear”

The New Bern Shrine Club was filled with many guests, members of the Divan, Shriners, and special friends at the January club meeting. They all gathered to experience the unveiling of their very own “Shriner Bear”.  Shriner Bear was given as a gift and dedicated to the New Bern Shrine Club in Memory of Noble Richard G. Blythe by his beloved wife Betty.  Richard was an active Mason and a member of the New Bern Shrine Club where he served in many capacities throughout the years.  He continued to work tirelessly for Shriner children until his accidental death on February 17, 2018.  New Bern is known for their “bears”.  Over 60 bears are located at various businesses and locations throughout the area.  Shriner Bear will stand proudly outside the New Bern Shrine Club and will be a symbol of the great work Shriners do every day.   The New Bern Shrine Club is proud to be a part of the New Bern community and especially proud of their very own “Bear”.  Come have your picture taken with Shriner Bear!!

Thank you, Brother Richard for your dedication to the New Bern Shrine Club. You sure are missed!


SASA Mid-Winter

Director Frank Long, Imperial Sir Jim Cain, Ill. Sir Carl Smith and Asst. Rabban Coble Wilson III at Bristol Speedway in TN.




The Wayne Shrine Club saw a good turnout of over 80 to witness the presentation of two Shriners International Service Award presentations at their March meeting.  The presentations were made by Outer Guard Larry Barnes and assisted by Illustrious Sir Carl Smith.  Noble John D. Pate received his 25 year Service Award and is shown above with his lady and the Wayne Shrine Club President Jim Pender (center).  A 50 Year Service Award from Shriners International was presented to Noble Elliott Futrell.  Noble Futrell and his lady are shown with Noble Larry Barnes and Illustrious Sir.  Noble Futrell made special note of the outstanding care and opportunities our hospitals have given our children over the years. 





The monthly meeting of the Fairmont Shrine Club saw 100 years of sincere dedication to our fraternity and the Shriners Hospitals for Children when two nobles were presented their 50 Year Service Awards from Shriners International.   Noble’s Edward F. Hodges, Jr. and Wayland B. Lennon, Jr., were presented their 50 Year Certificates and pins by our Sudan Marshal Jeff Taylor and Illustrious Sir Carl W. Smith.  Congratulations to each of you for this great accomplishment. 



L to R:  Sudan Outer Guard Larry Barnes; Noble Richard A Carter, Capt. of the Guard Christopher “Chris” Boykin and Illustrious Sir Carl W. Smith.


Noble’s Richard A. Carter and Chris Boykin were presented their 25 Year Service Awards from Shriners International and the pin at the March monthly meeting of the Wilson Shrine Club.  Noble Larry Barnes made the presentations and our Sudan Potentate presented their pins.  Illustrious Sir then made a presentation to those in attendance on his initiatives for 2019.  A great meal was enjoyed and great evening of Masonic sharing.



Members of the Sudan Divan are shown above after presenting Noble Duncan Mackie his 25 Year Service Award from Shriners International.  Nobles on the right of the photo are members of the St. Pauls Shrine Club. The presentation took place at the club’s March Monthly meeting.  Illustrious Sir Carl Smith assisted in the presentation and made a presentation to the club relating to his programs and initiatives for 2019. 


New Bern Golden Age Club

2019 Easter Project

Noble John Pugh and Lady Carol with the 25 Easter baskets collected and donated by the New Bern Golden Age Club of which the Pugh’s belong. The baskets are for Shriners Hospitals for Children - Greenville. Noble Pugh and Lady Carol have been involved in this project by the New Bern Golden Age Club for 11 years. The Easter Bunny delivered these baskets to the patients at the Greenville, SC during 2019 Easter holidays. A big thanks to the Golden Age Club.


Harnett County Racers – 2019 Shriner Days

The Harnett County Racers and their ladies are shown here on the staircase at the Greenville Shriner’s Hospitals for Children, “Shriner’s Day’s”.  The annual event was held on March 8-9, 2019 in Greenville, South Carolina. There was one change this year in that following the Saturday morning events and lunch, there was a one mile “Walk for Love”.  There was a $25 registration fee which included a T-shirt. I understand from this group that there were a lot of Sudan nobles and ladies in the crowd this year.


L to R:  Potentate Carl W. Smith; Noble’s Wesley Sales; Ronald S. Futter Jr; Ralph B. Hicks Jr; Stephen K Smith; and Gordon “Gordy” W. Crossman and First Ceremonial Master Randy Simpson.


Onslow County Shrine Club had a big turnout for their annual Shiner’s International, Service Awards for the 50 year and 25 year recipients.  A fabulous buffet was prepared by their ladies followed by the awards presentation.  Our Sudan 1st Ceremonial Master, Noble Randy Simpson announced and introduced the recipients.  Illustrious Sir Carl Smith presented the certificates and Noble Randy presented them with the appropriate year pins. 


Sudan Pirates Take 2nd place Non Profit at 31st Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade North Myrtle Beach

Top left starting aboard the ship
Kinly Williamson, Trey Floyd, David Cook
Bottom starting left
Jonathan Aguirre, Owen Thomas, John Grissom, Ricky Ward, Kenny Britt, Trey Elam, Phillip Ward, Brandon Prevatte, Jimmy Prevatte, & Randall Canady.



Our Sudan Pirates parade unit from Fairmont, NC competed in the “BUD LIGHT, 2019 Bud Light North of the Border Chili Festival” contest on March 2, 2019 in Lumberton and walked away with a 1st Place Trophy for the “Best Tasting Chili”.  The chili contest was a part of a three day “Rumba on the Lumber Festival”, an annual event in Lumberton.  The entire festival is a 3-day family oriented event.  The event starts on Friday night with the Allen Orthopedics Pasta Party.  Dr David Allen an Orthopedic physician sponsors the event and in fact took his residency at Shriners Hospitals for Children - Boston. Other events include Health 10K & 5K run and a 20-mile Cruzbike event.  Congrats to our Sudan nobles for competing and winning!

Back Row L to R: Noble’s Kenny Britt, Brent Barfield, David Cook, Jimmy Prevatte, Randal Canady.  Front: Travis Grimsley, Tre Floyd, Brandon Prevatte, Trey Elam, and Adam Ward


Recruiting Pirates at “Rumba on the Lumber”

Noble Jonathan Agguire, from the Sudan Pirates is shown interacting with a small child at the 2019 “Rumba on the Lumber Festival” in Lumberton on March 2, 2019.  Looks like you have a new friend Noble Jonathan.  Good job! 



Noble Leonard P. King is shown above after being presented his 25 Year Service Award by Outer Guard Larry Barnes and Illustrious Sir Carl W. Smith. The presentation was made at the February 18, 2019 meeting of the Dunn Shrine Club.  Noble King is a very dedicated member of the Sudan Provost Guard.  Thank you for your hard work and dedication.



Bladen County took advantage of two events on February 12, 2019 and ended up with a great night in Masonry and Shrinedom for all in attendance. Noble’s Steve Bunn and John Dove were presented their 25 Year Service Awards from Shriners International by our 2nd Ceremonial Master Tom Ferrell.  Also present for the presentations were Illustrious Sir Carl W. Smith, Assistant Rabban Coble Wilson III, and Assistant Director Dean West.  Plenty of good oysters and good fellowship was enjoyed by all.  Congratulations to these two nobles for their dedication.


2019 Venison Feast

On February 2, 2019. Elizabeth City Shrine Club hosted the Annual Venison Feast at their club with Shriners from Sudan and our neighbors from Virginia, Khedive Shriners attending.  A near full house from both temples enjoyed a fantastic dinner of wild game and fixings.  Our shrine patient, Miss Maci Braymiller, 13 years old was present with her parents.  She began treatment in our hospitals in 2016 due to some bone issues.  After comments from Khedive Shriners, Illustrious Sir Oscar Obsuna and our Sudan Potentate, Illustrious Sir Carl W. Smith, the auction on the five cakes took place.  Yes, Sudan bid and won the first cake of the evening made by Maci!  Separate from the cake auction, Mrs. Shirley Elliott, Elizabeth City Shrinettes presented Lady Janet Smith with a check for $2500.00 for Lady Janet’s 2019 project.  Lots of brotherly love was shared by all in attendance. 

L to R - Illustrious Sir Carl Smith, Maci Braymiller and Outer Guard Larry Barnes



L to R:  1st Row:  Nobles Billy Walker, Jeff Percy, Tenny Sutton, Ray Casey, Tommy Sasser Sr., Tommy Sasser Jr., David Ivester.  2nd Row. Nobles Dave Stewart, Todd Rogers, Charles Davis, Buck Causey, Allen Smith, Timmy Sasser, Alan Winstead, Bobby Webb.  3rd Row:  Director 2019, Noble Craig Gutherie, Nobles Thomas Ferrell IV, Ken Cox, Phil Howell Jr, Jimmy Guilliams, and Matt Wiggins.


Sudan Shriners Wrecking Crew met at the Wayne Shrine Club for their annual Winter Ceremonial Dinner on January 25, 2019.  The members present at the meeting are shown in the above photograph.


North Carolina Past Grand Master, Noble Gene Cobb and now our Sudan Chaplain – 2019 is shown assisting a “Young Noble” with his Fez.  Wyatt Alford, 4 years old had just acquired one of the “Fez’s” while attending the 2019 Winter Ceremonial Parade in Goldsboro on Saturday, January 26.  Young Wyatt is the grandson of Noble Charles Alford from the Wayne Shrine Club.


100th Anniversary Book - available for $25 - $30 (to mail to you).  If you have any questions or want to place an order please contact the Recorder at (919) 394-3379 or at or Sharon at (252) 637-5197. 

Bulk is available to the clubs $750 per box of 30.


Sudan Van Patrol

L to R:  Chief Rabban Carl Smith; Noble Charlie Ramsey – Treasurer; Noble Patrick “Chubby” McGirl, Secretary; and Noble Steve Marshburn, Captain.

Sudan Keystone Kops

L to R:  Sudan Chief Rabban Carl Smith; Noble Mike Smith, Treasurer; Noble Randy Hoffer – Secretary; and Noble Trent Meadows – Captain.

Onslow County Shrine Club conducted their 2019 Installation of Officers for the ensueing year – 2019 on January 3, 2019.  A catered meal was served to the 54 nobles, ladies and their guests.  Our Sudan Chief Rabban, Noble Carl Smith conducted the installation and briefed on he activities for the year 2019.  Several Divan members and their ladies also attended.

L to R:  Sudan Chief Rabban, Noble Carl Smith; Noble Trent Meadows - Treasurer; Noble Patrick “Chubby” McGirl – Secretary; Noble John DeMichele, Vice President; and Noble Julian “Buck” Causey – President


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